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BCARES (Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Service) is a 510(c)(3) volunteer organization of licensed Amateur Radio enthusiasts formed for the expressed purpose of providing communication and public service pertaining to the protection of life and/or property, in support of local, state, and federal agencies who may need supplemental communication in times of natural or man made events.

Mailing Address:
3280 Airport Road
Boulder, CO 80301

  4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to act as a volunteer operator. I would also be keen to participate in any projects necessary for the continuation or expansion of the service. Does the service conduct any regular meetings? Who should I speak to? I look forward to future comunications.
    THank you for your time.
    MIchael Wiegand

    • Michael,

      Please contact our membership coordinator, George KA0BSA – his QRZ address is good.
      We have one meeting per year plus lots of training opportunities throughout the year.
      The annual BCARES meeting will be held on January 23 at 7PM at the Boulder County Clerk & Recorders Office at 1750 33rd St., in Boulder. This is a very informative meeting with spekers from our served agency and BCARES equipment demos.Demos will include, ATV, Packet, D-Star, WinLink, our drone helicopter w/video, our ATV robot, portable ATV and Packet setups, etc…
      If you need further info please call me.
      Jack Ciaccia, WM0G

  2. Could I get a list of your current TV backpack setups as noted in the latest ARRL ARES E-letter?
    “In our 911 center equipment cache, we have several complete, portable TV transmitters packaged in backpacks. They are complete ready to go kits with Sony HD-TV camera, tripod, transmitter, antenna and battery. A Diamond SRH-999, flexible, 70 cm antenna is mounted high on the camera tripod, with a coax feed from the transmitter in the backpack. We use a 12 V, 7 amp-hour battery, which is sufficient to allow continuous, key-down, TV transmission for more than three hours.”
    We (Hays County CERT & Hays Caldwell ARES) are interested in using TV to support first responders in emergencies.

    Thank you,

    Gordon J. DeWitte
    (512) 524-6731
    Hays County CERT Logistics Director

  3. When we pass this to the new Airlink I think we should acknowledge the work that went into the repeater at the fire station. This would be passing the Patton! Many hours and we should acknowledge the work. 73 KD0YYY