I was first licensed in 1978. Most of my "ham life" was on the western slope in Steamboat Spring. I moved to the Boulder area in 2002. I have held all license class, Novice to Extra. 73 - George / KA0BSA

Oct 242016

On Saturday November 12th from 09:00 to noon, Membership Orientation will be held in the EOC / Communications Center at 3280 Airport Road in Boulder. All new members need this training in order to qualify for their BCARES ID from the Sheriff's Department. This training is also recommended as a refresher if you have not had this training in the last 5 years.

At the end of the class we will also do the Carry Test which is required for field deployment. We'll meet in the parking lot at 11:30.

If you have any questions contact George - KA0BSA, BCARES EC & Chairperson

Mar 272015

New Member Training for new members or any current member that have not been in the new EOC / Comm Center. Basic information  about access to the building, the equipment cache, and deployment will be discussed. Please go to April 11th on the calender and book a spot for the training. This is required for new members to obtain their ID Card.

Jun 122014

Just a quick reminder of a couple of things.

This weekend on Saturday, June 14th, is Airport Day. There will be lots of interesting thing to see. The National Guard and other groups involved in last September's Flood will be there. We can show them our appreciation.

Also there is going to be a Weather Spotter Training starting at 8AM and going until about noon in the terminal. This is a very important skill to have even if it's just for you and your family's personal safety. BCARES has a net on the repeater (146.760) starting informally every time the weather looks threatening. Listen in and check in if you are a Weather Spotter. With the training listed below, you will be issued a Spotter Number and become a valuable asset.

8:00am MDT ~ Boulder Airport Terminal conference room ~ 3335 Airport Road, Boulder, CO
Contact Information:

I hope to see you there on Saturday,

George - KAOBSA

Jun 122014

If you are going to be the Net Control Stations (NCS) on Monday evening here is where you can find suggested scripts you can use. You can check-in stations in any form you wish but here is a sample logs for you to try. After you have been NCS a time or two try taking the Self Evaluation for and sen a copy to KA0BSA ( to be stored in your file. It is just another way to improve your skills as net control.

BCARES R-1 D-3 Net Script 6-3-2013

BCARES R-1 D-3 Rsources Net Script 4-24-2014

BCARES practice NCS log 2014

NCS Self Evaluation FILL-IN