BCARES Officers


BCARES By-Laws specifically name four Board officer positions. Officers are elected annually by the Board, as described in the Articles of Incorporation. The following were elected by the board for 2016.

  • Chairman –George Weber (KAØBSA)
  • Administrative Vice-Chair –  Matt Holiday – KØDVB
  • Secretary – Ron Thomas (KCØNEV)
  • Treasurer – John Clary (N1NES)

Appointed and Member-Elected Board Positions

Office Name
BARC Primary Dave Sharpe KI0HG
BARC Alternate Jon Clary N1NES
LARC Primary Ron Thomas KCØNEV
LARC Alternate Jerry Schmidt NØOUW
RMVHFS Primary George Weber – KAØBSA
RMVHFS Alternate Mike Borenstein NØBP
2 year At-Large Primary, elected even yrs. Matt Holiday – KØDVB
2 year At-Large Alternate, even year Louis Perley III KCØVJE
2 year At-Large Primary, elected odd yrs. Mark Huff KØLRS
2 year At-Large Alternate, odd year Leon Ciereszko N4TCW
1 year At-Large Primary Joe Callahan KCØJCC
1 year At-Large Alternate John Clary N1NES
Director, Office of Emergency Mgmt. Michael Chard
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Heidi Prentup


BCARES Appointments and Committees

General and Administrative Coordinators
BCARES Monday Net Manager Jane Przedpelski KCØFGE
Bylaws Mike Derr W3DIF
Equipment Pete Goldman WB2DVS
Grants Allen Bishop KØARK
Membership George Weber KAØBSA
Public Information Officer (PIO) Jack Ciaccia WMØG
Staffing George Weber KAØBSA
Training, Certification, and Credentialing Jerry Schmidt NØOUW
WØBCR Trustee Jim Andrews KH6HTV


Liaisons to Outside Agencies
Boulder / OEM BCSO Allen Bishop KØARK
Broomfield / OEM George Weber KAØBSA, Dave Sharpe KIØHG
CU / CU EOC Mark Huff KØLRS, Dave Sharpe KIØHG
Longmont / EOC Joey Stanford NVØN
Louisville, Lafayette, Erie Dale Scott KAØQPV, Jack Ciaccia WMØG
Lyons, Allenspark Jim Kubitschek KGØHU
COARES Net George Weber KAØBSA
COARES Region 1, District 1 Len Koppl KDØRC
COARES Region 3, District 2 Louis Perley KCØVJE
Hospital Doshia Kretke KBØNAS
IMA / MERN Joe Callahan KCØJCC
Red Cross Joe Callahan KCØJCC


Technical Committees and Coordinators
ATV Jim Andrews KH6HTV, Dave Sharpe KIØHG
AUXCOM Allen Bishop KØARK, Joey Stanford NVØN
D-STAR Joey Stanford NVØN
Information Technology Ron Thomas KCØNEV (Committee Chair), Joey Stanford NVØN, Mark Huff KØLRS, Allen Bishop KØARK
Packet Len Koppl KDØRC, Pete Goldman WB2DVS
RED Book Allen Bishop KØARK
Repeater Hardware and Frequency Allocation Dave Sharpe KIØHG
Site Survey John Clary N1NES

  3 Responses to “BCARES Officers”

  1. It would be nice to include me (KG0HU) as the Treasurer and a not that all board members are AEC’s

    • Hey Jim, I’ve updated the page to include you. With regards to the AEC designation, I’ve done a bit of investigation and it looks like we need a board discussion about it.

  2. An Amateur Operator, Ken White, N0STO, is organizing the Boulder County Fair Parade. I agree with him that our involvement with society and lack of recognition make this a great opportunity to show off.

    Can we get the Com Van and maybe a drone and robot to have in the parade?

    I have the application in digital format to forward to a BCARES officer.

    Earle, N0ISB