Sep 142015

CU has requested TV coverage for two special events coming up in October:

  • the Dalai Lama's visit 10/20-21 during the daytime (8 am -5 pm)
  • the Republican debate 10/28 in the evening (5pm - 11pm)

We're still a little light on the details; more info to follow. I've added events to the BCARES calendar for folks to sign up -- so please do!

Since these are CU events, we will be using digital ATV.

Aug 272015

Football season starts with our first CU home game on Saturday, 12 September. An event has already been created for [D]ATV volunteers, so please sign up now.

The other home games are:

Saturday, 26 September

Saturday, 3 October

Saturday, 17 October

Saturday, 7 November

Friday, 13 November

This is a great opportunity to assist one of our served agencies in their support of public safety, situational awareness as well as an excellent opportunity to enhance your training and experience with providing video coverage for future emergency events.

Aug 062014

The Fall schedule of CU Football games has been published.

The six games this year all fall on a Saturday and are as follows:

  • 13 Sep
  • 20 Sep
  • 4 Oct
  • 25 Oct
  • 1 Nov
  • 29 Nov

Events have been created for each of these dates on the website calendar and the booking function is turned on and ready for you to let us know which date you will be available to assist with this important activity.

As is typical, the game times are still to be determined. That is for all except the 1st game. The 1st game on 13 Sep is an 8PM start time.  Further details and times will be added to each event as the information becomes available, so check back frequently for the latest information.


Jul 282014

Dave Sharpe will be conducting an ATV (Amateur Television) training session on Saturday the 23rd of August at the Boulder County EOC.

If you have not yet received this training, or would like a refresher, please select the date on the calendar (main page of this website) and create a 'Booking'  for the event.

This training will cover the use of the BCARES and CU backpacks and associated gear, including cameras, tripods, transmitters and batteries.

Please contact Jerry (N0OUW), George (KA0BSA), or Dave (KI0HG) with any questions you may have concerning this event.





Jun 142013

BCARES will hold an "Advanced TV Class" on Saturday morning, 13 July, from
09:00 to 12:00 at the Boulder County EOC / 911 Center.

The class will be taught by Jim Andrews, KH6HTV.   Jim is the trustee for
the BCARES TV Repeater,  W0BCR.   Jim also designed and built most of
BCARES' TV equipment, including the quad receivers, repeaters, etc.

Subjects to be covered will include:
1.   Operation of new generation, synthesized, VUSB-TV Transmitters.
2.   Operation of 23cm FM-TV transmitters and receivers.
3.   Operation of EOC  QUAD  TV  receiver & Situation Room large screen monitors
4.   Operation of Sheriff's SWAT QUAD TV receiver
5.   Theory of TV Repeaters
6.   Operation of Chautauqua Park TV Repeater
7.   Operation of Portable TV Repeater

The first hour will be a lecture room, power-point presentation.   The remainder
of the training will be a "hands-on" with participants setting up and operating all
of the above equipment.   This will occur both in the BCARES EOC cubicle and outside
in the EOC parking lot.

This class is limited to only those BCARES members who have attended Dave Sharpe's
"Introduction to ATV" and are already certified to setup and operate BCARES' TV pack sets.

Advance registration is requested so we will have sufficient hand-out materials and space
available. To register, reserve a seat here or send an email to