Jun 122014

Just a quick reminder of a couple of things.

This weekend on Saturday, June 14th, is Airport Day. There will be lots of interesting thing to see. The National Guard and other groups involved in last September's Flood will be there. We can show them our appreciation.

Also there is going to be a Weather Spotter Training starting at 8AM and going until about noon in the terminal. This is a very important skill to have even if it's just for you and your family's personal safety. BCARES has a net on the repeater (146.760) starting informally every time the weather looks threatening. Listen in and check in if you are a Weather Spotter. With the training listed below, you will be issued a Spotter Number and become a valuable asset.

8:00am MDT ~ Boulder Airport Terminal conference room ~ 3335 Airport Road, Boulder, CO
Contact Information: christelucas@yahoo.com

I hope to see you there on Saturday,

George - KAOBSA

Apr 242014

Hello BCARES Members. National Weather Service is teaching a Weather  Spotter training sponsored by the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. It  will be held on Tuesday, May 6th at 18:30 in the training room at the  Boulder County Sheriff’s Headquarters at 5600 Flatirons Parkway on 55th  between Pearl and Arapahoe. Have your BCARES ID with you.

To register, please email  Francesca Gonzales at the EOC (fgonzales@bouldercounty.org) and have her put  your name on the list for Weather Spotter Training. This is an opportunity  to obtain your Spotter Number or get a good refresher before the upcoming  severe weather season. As they say; “it isn’t a mater of IF but WHEN…”

Looking for you on the Net,
George Weber
BCARES Training Co-Chair

Mar 012014

George Weber (KA0BSA) will conduct Packet and D-STAR training on Saturday, March 22nd. Depending on weather we may also provide the "Carry Test' for those who have not completed this training.  The exact location is still to be determined, so click on the 22nd of March in the calendar and book yourself into the session so we have an idea of the number of folks planning to attend.

Thanks..........Jerry (N0OUW)

Feb 062014

If you are new to BCARES or still need the BCARES Orientation training, please check out this event scheduled for February 22nd.

Just go to the calendar on this website and click on Feb 22nd for the details. If this applies to you, and you can attend please click on the Booking icon and register your intent to attend so we can know how many folks to expect.

Thanks........ Jerry  (n0ouw)

BCARES Training Committee

Jan 232014

If you are a new member of BCARES or still require the BCARES Orientation  training, please check out the event scheduled for Saturday February 22nd.

Just go to the website calendar, click on Feb 22nd, review the information and if this applies to you and you plan to attend, please click on the booking icon and register your intent to attend.

Thanks.............Jerry (N0OUW)

BCARES Training Committee