NCS Documents


BCARES NCS Log Sheet (Updated 6-12-2014)

BCARES R-1 D-3 Net Script (Updated 6-12-2014)

NCS Self Evaluation (Updated 6-12-2014)

Organization Documents

BCARES Articles of Incorporation

BCARES By-Laws (Updated November 2013)

BCARES 2013 Annual Meeting

  4 Responses to “Documents”

  1. The BCARES ByLaws would be a good document to include here.

  2. It would likely be a good idea to put the donation/tax/501-C3 status/information into public view here on the web page. Good short topic for our next board meeting…

  3. On the website I did not find a list of the frequencies we use. If it is here somewhere it would be good to make it more easily found.