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  1. Hi Ron – Having all the events on this page for easy reference is going to be really helpful. Thank you! I would suggest the dates shown in the list not be listed as dd/mm/yyyy because most people are going to read this as mm/dd/yyyy and get confused. I personally like dd monthname yy as in military style. 73, Dave

  2. Thanks for managing the web site.

    I do have a couple suggestions:

    I’d welcome an event and training calendar to give a quick overview of what is scheduled, especially if the entries were links to the details and the place to sign up.

    Speaking of signing up, I think that that is what you mean by “Bookings” and that most people will figure that out, but I think it would be better to prevent any uncertainty and just call it “Sign Up”.

    73, Joe, KC0JCC

  3. Hi Ron
    I think I’m starting to figure out how Bookings work. I have found out how to delete extra tickets that sometimes appear. From other comments it appears that you did change the date format but it appears that it has gone back to the original dd/mm/yyyy. I agree with the other comment that it would be less confusing if we set it as mm/dd/yyyy. I suspect it is not easily done, but I also agree that the term ‘BOOKING’, would be better understood as ‘Sign Up’……..Jerry