Gold Hill Repeater


The Gold Hill Repeater is the first repeater of the Mountain Emergency Radio Network
Located west of Boulder serving Gold Hill and surrounding areas.

Access: Open (This repeater may be enjoyed by all licensed operators)
Mode: 16KOF3E
TX Frequency*: 146.805Mhz
RX Frequency*:
146.205Mhz, with 100Hz(1Z) PL
FCC ID/Trustee: Alan (K0ARK/R)
Technical Guy: Dave (KI0HG)

* Set your radio to receive 146.805Mhz, Negative Offset, and PL of 100.0Hz and you're good to go.
If your radio has the ability to decode CTCSS/PL The PL of 100.0Hz is also transmitted

Repeater Technical Details:
GE Mastr-II
TX Power: 100W
RX Sensitivity: 0.3uV
Controller: PSE-508-2
Duplexer: WP-637
Antenna: Diamond F23H

Mike/N0BP and Dave/KI0HG making final adjustments.
Alan K0ARK Photographer and tool fetcher.

  4 Responses to “Gold Hill Repeater”

  1. Just had dinner at Gold Hill Inn last night and checkout the repeater. Really strong signal! Suspect the rig must be close by there.

  2. Your listed TX and RX frequencies are reversed and thus do not work with a negative offset. You need to switch them.

    • The TX and RX Frequencies listed are that of the repeater itself. Your radio is going to be set up with the reverse of that. So set your radio to listen on 146.805. Next set for a negative offset so your radio transmits on 146.205. Then the next step is to make sure your radio is also transmitting a PL Tone of 100Hz.