Repeater Usage


Useful Information


  • You can perform an echo test by setting URCALL to seven spaces and then the letter "E" in the eighth position.
  • Have an iOS device (e.g. iPhone/iPad/iPod)? You can view the last heard of our repeaters using this app.
  • If you want to show up in the ircddb last heard as well as the iOS above, please follow these instructions. Note that there are two (2) spaces between "VIS" and "ON", not three like the example shows.
  • Want to see the Colorado D-STAR Network Heath? Check out Joey's (NV0N) D-STAR status page.
  • To access the experimental FreeStar* 403 talk group using "StarNet Digital" (aka STN):
    • To login: URCALL=STN403 
    • To logout: URCALL=STN403_T  (where the _ is a space)
  • Colorado has it's own reflector, XRF720. All B modules (440) are linked to this making it a Colorado-wide system.
  • You can link any of the DCS xReflectors by using the same method for REF and XRF reflectors. The DCS reflectors simply start with DCS and have more modules.  They also link to non-traditional D-STAR bands such as 10 meters.
  • Want to see your transmission statistics? Use the dashboard for the repeater you are using. e.g. W0CDS and KC0DS. At the bottom in the last heard section you'll see "Fms/t/S%/Err%" and if you mouse over (hover over) it  you'll see a key to deciphering the transmission statistic details. Note that you have to enable your callsign to show up in the last heard as indicated above.
  • You can lookup conversation and callsign details (again if you've set VIS ON above) over at dstardb site.

  • The repeaters have a linked inactivity timeout of 60 minutes. If the repeater is linked to another repeater and nothing is heard for 60 minutes it will unlink the remote repeater.