Training, Certification & Credentialing


Levels of Certification and Requirements

Applicant (P)

Applicant has three months to complete the Associate Requirements. If Associate level is not attained, the application is voided and applicant must wait one year to reapply.


Restrictions: BCARES (Sheriff's) ID is not issued at this level

Associate (A)

BCARES (Sheriff's) ID will be issued at this level


Restrictions: Deployment to established facilities only (EOCs, shelters, fair grounds, hospitals, etc.) No emergency restricted zones. No solo deployments.

Facility Support (F)


  • All Associate Requirements
  • IS-700.a NIMS An Introduction
  • Operations Qualified [do 1 of 3]
    1. NCS qualified (annually)
    2. Packet Qualified (annually)
    3. ATV Qualified (annually)
  • WEBEOC Trained and Qualified

Restrictions: Deployment to established facilities only (EOCs, shelters, fair grounds, hospitals, etc.) NO emergency restricted zone deployments.

Field Support (S)


  • All Facility Support Requirements
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR Card (bi-annually) (Most First Aid and CPR cards are good for 2 years.)
  • Carry Test (CT) — Carry a fully-loaded ATV backpack with one 29 AHr battery 100 yards. No time limit. (annually)

Restrictions: None

Field Qualified (Q)


Restrictions: None

Optional / Advanced Certifications

Boulder County Training

  • EOC Radio Operations Qualified (Operation of Yellow Channel)
  • Boulder EOC Qualified
  • Longmont EOC Qualified
  • CU EOC Qualified
  • Broomfield EOC Qualified

ARRL Training

FEMA Incident Command Training

Other Training

  • Red Card: Firefighter One (e.g., Colorado Firecamp)
  • CERT
  • Skywarn / Weather Spotter

Additional Training Documentation

BCARES Personal Training Record - Print a copy to use for tracking your training progress

NCS Self Evaluation- Evaluate your own performance as a Net Control Station

73 ATV Article 1992 BCARES - Good article to review during Orientation Training

Add Television to your ARES Tool Set - An ATV success story

  9 Responses to “Training, Certification & Credentialing”

  1. What arrangements will there be for training and/or testing on the local requirements:
    – Carry test
    -ATV Repeater Ops and Troubleshooting
    – EOC Radio Ops (Yellow Channel)

    Thanks and 73,
    KC0JCC Joe

  2. Great looking web site. Tried to find your meeting schedule but couldnt. I will be passing through your area in the mid of January and would attend your meeting if I can.

    Drop me a note and fill me in on your schedule.



    • Hi Scott,

      We only have one meeting per year. It is in January though. We’ll be meeting on January 23 at the Boulder County Clerk & Recorders Office, 1750 33rd St., in Boulder, CO. This will be a very informative meeting and will have our demo equipment which includes portable ATV, Packet and Digital incl. D-STAR. We’ll have our demo helicopter SAR Drone and ATV robot plus one of our member’s will demo his GMC SUV which is really a comm. vehicle to behold. Developed for the DHS. Our served agency, the Boulder County Sheriffs Office will have our Sheriff speak to the goup on this past years events, floods and wildfires that we participated in plus our County OEM will be there too. Any other info, please contact me.
      Jack Ciaccia, WM0G
      ARRL CO Section Manager

  3. Jerry (N0OUW): Andy (K0ABP) and I would like to sign up for the 17 April WEBEOC training session. I’m not sure I am signing up in the right place, so I will send an e-mail to you if there is no response in a few days. Thanks,
    Jane – KC0FGE

  4. Sorry if I missed it, but when we complete a FEMA course, where do we send the electronic certificate that was emailed to us?

  5. The link ‘WEBEOC Trained and Qualified’ appears to be broken. I am forgetting what exactly we had planned for that Link. Could it be that we were planning to put the WEBEOC Guide there? Or maybe I need to create some text to explain what is involved and how that training is conducted etc. What are your thoughts, Ron?