Net Control Station (NCS)


Maintaining your qualification as a Net Control Station (NCS) is vital to keeping your BCARES membership active. All BCARES members must maintain their NCS qualification by completing at least two of the following three tasks every year:

  1. Check into BCARES Net once a month
  2. Back copy the NCS and submit a completed net log
  3. Operate as NCS and submit a completed NCS-Self-Evaluation

If you are going to be the Net Control Station on Monday evening , here is where you can find suggested scripts you can use. You can check-in stations in any form you wish, but here is a sample log for you to try.

After you have been NCS a time or two try taking the Self Evaluation and send a copy to NØOUW ( to be stored in your training file. It is just another way to improve your skills as net control.

BCARES R-1 D-3 Regular Net Script 26 June 2019

BCARES net log


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