Apr 242014

Hello BCARES Members. National Weather Service is teaching a Weather  Spotter training sponsored by the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. It  will be held on Tuesday, May 6th at 18:30 in the training room at the  Boulder County Sheriff’s Headquarters at 5600 Flatirons Parkway on 55th  between Pearl and Arapahoe. Have your BCARES ID with you.

To register, please email  Francesca Gonzales at the EOC (fgonzales@bouldercounty.org) and have her put  your name on the list for Weather Spotter Training. This is an opportunity  to obtain your Spotter Number or get a good refresher before the upcoming  severe weather season. As they say; “it isn’t a mater of IF but WHEN…”

Looking for you on the Net,
George Weber
BCARES Training Co-Chair