Core Principles

Our BCARES Vision 

To continually improve and develop a highly skilled, motivated, and experienced team of Amateur Radio Operators, as well as a robust, adaptable and multimode auxiliary emergency communications capability by employing sound leadership and encouraging individual commitment.

Our BCARES Mission

As members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, we are united in our commitment to our Served Agencies for emergency communication support during major emergencies, disasters and other large scale incidents affecting the health, safety and welfare of the general public.

Our mission is to establish emergency, auxiliary communication systems, equipment and services, staffed by licensed, trained and credentialed volunteer Amateur Radio Operators, to augment damaged, disrupted or overloaded public safety communications when activated by authorized officials.

Our goal is to serve in a well integrated, coordinated and supportive manner alongside our partner organizations and agencies while following all applicable rules, laws, regulations, procedures, policies and protocols.

Our BCARES Values

It is our belief that every individual in our group has the responsibility to act with proper respect for others and to embrace the following values:

• We expect honesty and truthfulness.

• We expect conscientiousness and dependability.

• We expect maturity and self-discipline.

• We expect responsibility and accountability.

• We expect loyalty and commitment to BCARES.

• We value teamwork and recognize individual contribution and exemplary performance

• We strive for integral and seamless interaction with our served agencies and partner organizations.

• As emergency communicators we endeavor to conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

• We promote education, training, and participation.

• We promote knowledge and skills.

• We promote leadership.

• We empower our membership.