Voice Repeaters

Primary Repeater

Our Primary VHF Repeater operates on a frequency of 146.760 Mhz with a (-) offset and a 100 Hz Tone

Primary Backup Repeaters

We utilize two primary VHF backup repeater systems: 146.700 Mhz with a (-) offset and an 88.5 Hz PL Tone Boulder Amateur Radio Club (BARC 147.270 Mhz with a (+) offset and a 100 Hz PL Tone Longmont Amateur Radio Club (LARC)

Additional Key Repeaters

The MERN (Mountain Emergency Radio Network) rounds out our key frequencies with a repeater in Allenspark and another in Gold Hill Colorado. The Airlink group also sponsors a repeater located near Gold Hill

Additional Emergency Frequencies

Additional frequencies used by BCARES, are documented in a standard ICS 217 document, available to our members, as prescribed by the ARES and the Incident Command Systems (ICS)