Boulder, United States

Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (BCARES) is a non-profit, public service corporation which provides equipment and volunteer personnel to perform communication services during emergencies. As a member of BCARES, you will represent our organization to the community and served agencies.

Before applying, you will need to complete all items in the "Must Have" section below. The Associate Level requirements are identified in the chart on Page 2 of the Application document. When the complete package, (Signed App, Signed MOU, and evidence of training completed) is received, you will be contacted by our Membership Coordinator with further instructions and information.

After receiving the application packet, we will request a basic records check with the Boulder County  Sheriff's Office. A recent change to this process, by the BCSO, now includes an on-line Volunteer Application form to be completed. This is a requirement for any and all BCSO volunteers (most of which are not BCARES members).  When this is complete, the next step will be an invitation to stop by the Sheriff's office for fingerprinting and a photo for the issuing of the ID that identifies you as a BCARES member.

Communication Skills
Commitment to Community
Technical Expertise


  • Operate Amateur radio during emergencies
  • Respond to calls to action from Board
  • Advocate for BCARES in your community
  • <TBD>
  • <TBD>

Must Have

  • FCC Amateur Radio certification
  • Completed BCARES Application 
  • Completed BCARES MOU 
  • FEMA IS-100.C certification
  • FEMA IS-200.C certification

Nice to have

  • <TBD>
  • <TBD>
  • <TBD>
  • <TBD>

What's great about BCARES?

  • Group of individuals dedicated to their communities
  • <TBD>
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Our Product

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What We Offer

Each employee has a chance to see the impact of his work. You can make a real contribution to the success of the company.
Several activities are often organized all over the year, such as weekly sports sessions, team building events, monthly drink, and much more


A full-time position
Attractive salary package.


12 days / year, including
6 of your choice.

Sport Activity

Play any sport with colleagues,
the bill is covered.

Eat & Drink

Fruit, coffee and
snacks provided.