BCARES Packet Messaging- Winlink

Primary Node for Winlink Messaging

Using RMS Winlink software, we can send messages over the internet using the packet protocol from our VHF/UHF or HF radios, as well as several packet and sound card protocols for radio - radio digital communication.  

The closest Packet Node, for using Winlink, currently is NV0N-10.  The internet connection for W0IA-10 has been removed due to security concerns. Work is underway to create another BPQ node, in another location. to facilitate additional connectivity with the internet from the EOC.

W0IA-1 and -7 is still alive and well for use with typical Packet and BBS capability.

The EOC can connect to the internet, using RF, by connecting to W0IA and then connecting to NV0N-10 using the Digipeat or Script packet functions. Details for these procedures are listed here: 

Additional Packet Nodes

Additional Packet Winlink nodes that may be reachable from Boulder County. 

  • 145.090  - NV0N, W0NED, KI0HG
  • 145.050  - K0NTS, K8ZTT
  • 145.030  - N0FH
  • 145.070  - W0LRA
  • 145.060  - K0ITP 

I have been working on some sample configurations that might be helpful for folks getting their own Packet BBS and Packet Winlink systems up and running. The ppt below is the beginning of my effort to create slide sets that can be used for training and reference. This one is for a basic Winlink Packet setup, and I have started on a similar one for Packet BBS, which is posted under the BBS menu item

As these are still very much under construction, I would appreciate any comments or questions. Feel free to download the file for your own use.