MERN Airlink Repeater

Airlink Website:

Airlink hosts a weekly net each Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM

Airlink Repeater
Access: Open (This repeater may be enjoyed by all licensed operators)
Status: Online
Mode: Wide Band
TX Frequency*: 146.910 Mhz
RX Frequency*: 146.310 Mhz
FCC ID/Trustee: Mark Elder (WØJZ)
Technical Guy:

*Set your radio to receive 146.910 Mhz, Minus Offset and PL of 123.0 Hz and you are good to go.
If your radio has the ability to decode CTCSS/PL the PL of 127.3 Hz is also transmitted.

Repeater Technical Details:
Model: Kenwood TKR 750
TX Power: 25W
RX Sesitivity: .35uV
Controller: Internal
Duplexer: Telewave TPRD-1556
Antenna: Diamond X-50