Gold Hill

The Gold Hill Repeater is the first repeater of the Mountain Emergency Radio Network
Located west of Boulder serving Gold Hill and surrounding areas.

Access: Open (This repeater may be enjoyed by all licensed operators)
Mode: 16KOF3E
TX Frequency*: 146.805Mhz
RX Frequency*: 
146.205Mhz, with 100Hz(1Z) PL
FCC ID/Trustee: Alan (K0ARK/R)
Technical Guy: Dave (KI0HG)

* Set your radio to receive 146.805Mhz, Negative Offset, and PL of 100.0Hz and you're good to go.
If your radio has the ability to decode CTCSS/PL The PL of 100.0Hz is also transmitted

Repeater Technical Details:

GE Mastr-II
TX Power: 100W
RX Sensitivity: 0.3uV
Controller: PSE-508-2
Duplexer: WP-637
Antenna: Diamond F23H

Mike/N0BP and Dave/KI0HG making final adjustments.
Alan K0ARK Photographer and tool fetcher.