Our Tool Bag

Amateur Radio Tools

The Primary Amateur Radio tool used by BCARES is our system of VHF/UHF local repeaters. With these resources we can provide backup communications support to our served agencies with voice message traffic.

The Packet protocol uses Amateur Radio frequencies to be able to transmit sensitive information between shelters and the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) and other command locations.

Amateur Television (ATV) is used to provide real-time situation awareness with live video to the managers at the ODM.

More information about some of these tools are available in the menu items below. 

In addition, there are many other modes of Amateur Radio communication that we train for and can be used as needed, like DMR, D-Star, HF, Pactor, APRS, BBS, OUTPOST, RMS WinlInk, ARDOP, VARA, etc.

BCARES is also involved with the SKYWARN system of weather spotters that provide ground-truth information for the National Weather Service. 

Another mode of communication is currently under development that will utilize microwave links to provide voice and video links between remote locations. 

The .pdf file below is still under construction and depicts Jerry's (N0OUW) base station and the BBS configuration for the unique situation of running a Kenwood D-700 with the W0IA BPQ node.

Voice Repeaters

Voice repeaters are linked above

Packet Operations

Packet operations linked above